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  Over 20 combined years of professional experience in the computer building, repair, service, and networking business

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Call: (360) 736-7000

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1600 S. Gold St. Suite #4 Centralia, WA 98531

Fax: (360) 368-0044

Zebra Computers, a locally owned and operated business, specializing in computer repair, sales and networking.

Zebra Computers doesn’t just repair computers, we also offer onsite, telephone and remote technical support for a cost effective solution to your computer and networking needs. Zebra Computers has an array of inventory for selling and fixing your computer. We also sell new and refurbished computers for your computing needs.  

Data recovery, backup and security are just some of the many services Zebra Computers offers. We specialize in server administration, VPN configuration, remote access and printer configuration. From virus protection, Spyware removal and firewall installation to advanced disaster recovery, we can help.

Why call Zebra?  We are local, that means little to no travel time, and we have a real store that you can stop by and have your computer checked out for next to nothing!  that's right, we do a triage, or checkout of each customers computer issues for only $25!  How many of the big name computer repair places even touch your computer at that price?  Additionally if you have further work done at Zebra we discount the $25 checkout fee 100 percent!  So basically if you have your computer fixed at Zebra, the checkout is FREE!

We don't understand how you can fix a problem if you don't know what it is exactly...this takes some time, and sometimes it is prudent to replace the unit; if that is the most cost effective solution, but we really go out of our way to FIX COMPUTERS RIGHT.  So if you really have to get that aging machine with that software program you can't get anymore going, we can do that most of the time.

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