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At Zebra Computers we provide expert consultation, engineering, deployment, maintenance and disaster recovery on Servers.

From Windows NT3.5 to Windows Server 2011 Michael Painter has many years of hands on work with all versions of Windows Server. 

Mike also has a great working knowledge of Unix, AIX, BSD, X Server and Linux based Server and network platforms.

From Setting up Arrays to recovering from an Array Failure, we do RAID!

Are you getting a backup?  We setup, deploy, and monitor backup solutions on nearly all Server and Workstation platforms.

We provide Innovative Migration solutions like Swing Migration to migrate a current Windows domain controller and all information to a new production server.  Leaving all computer and user accounts, shares and permissions the same.  This way network downtime is eliminated!  Been putting off that migration from Windows Server or SBS 2000 or 2003? Don't wait any longer, Windows Server 2008 and 2011 have many beneficial features and the more current V.6 kernel.

We can provide innovative solutions for Digital Document storage and managment.  Want to go Paperless?  Ask us about the OWL document management system!

We build some of the most powerful and secure Firewall solutions based on name brand Server Hardware and Open Source Software...content filtering, bandwidth managment, load balancing, failover, VPN; all this and much more for much less than you would pay for an appliance from the Big names in the security business, and with easier managment and monitoring that will tell you where your people are going, and what they are doing on your time and on your dime!

It can be much less expensive than you think to implement an open source or Name Brand solution, and get it done right.

And we don't charge for initial consultation and an analysis of your situation.

So if you have a Server need, call Zebra Computers and talk with Michael Painter.
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