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Since we started, Zebra Computers has known and leveraged the value of professionally maintained hardware.  For several years now we have purchased and collected surplus equipment and reused, reduced and recycled otherwise cast off hardware.  We know that times are tough...a penny saved is a penny earned.  So why not save perhaps hundreds or thousands of dollars by implementing High Quality Professionally Maintained Computers, Printers, Monitors.  With the savings you can concentrate on your main goal....Success!

We also purchase some used computer hardware.  If you have used computer equipment to dispose of, or if you have already purchased a new unit and need to dispose of the old one, check with us FIRST!  Many times will pay a fair price for something that will otherwise be thrown away for nothing.  We also provide the service of erasing all data from all hard drives to eliminate the possibility of your data falling into the wrong hands.

If you think you have something we want, just give us a call or email or bring it in.
In most cases we will check it out and pay you on the spot.  We do take names and addresses to keep it legit.  Also in some cases we even purchase damaged computers, like laptops that need a screen or a hard drive.  In these cases it is necessary to do a complete checkout of the system to ensure functionality, this may take a day or so until a technician can check it out.  In any event we are fair!

At Zebra Computers we don't just do a minimal amount of work on a used computer before we sell it.
Each used piece of hardware is cleaned and subjected to a full testing of motherboard, hard drive, optical drive, ram etc.  Then during the reload process the unit is stressed and all components need to be perfect before we call it done! 
We also use only Genuine Microsoft software and a combination of highly rated safe and free or Open Source programs to provided a computer that is modern, up to date and ready to work in todays computing environment.

Refurbished Windows Computers starting at $99!
Refurbished LCD Monitors starting at $29.95!
Contact us for current inventory and pricing!!


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