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      At Zebra Computers we do work that others won't touch!  
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Laptop and Circuit Board Repair

Zebra Computers:  

Call: (360) 736-7000
Stop by:                         8:30AM-5:00PM          Monday-Friday                            10AM-3PM Saturday                 

Fax: (360) 368-0044

Email: mpaint@zebracomputers.com  

Power Port in your laptop broke?

Flat rate internet price for this repair is $200 at Zebra we usually do it for a whole lot less, including teardown, reassembly and parts! 

Laptop Screen broke or backlight not working?  We can usually fix that at the most reasonable price around!

We also do component level repair on motherboards, like replacing bad capacitors, connectors, and IC's.

 We have a full service ESD protected soldering bench and know how to use it! We are constantly improving and expanding our capabilities.

We are now doing BGA reflows in house, with the help of our American made hot air soldering station.  If you have a bad GPU or chipset BGA, get a hold of us, we have saved a lot of motherboards and video cards.

We also sell used and rebuilt computers.  We try to be honest with folks, if it costs more to repair your computer than its worth, we will offer cost-effective solutions to get you back in business.  Contact us now for details.

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